Eliminating VMware Performance Issues and Expanding Backup Windows

How to Improve VMware Productivity by Reducing IOPS 31%

Savills Case Study: How to Improve Productivity by Reducing VMware IOPS 31%In the spring of 2015, the Savills IT organization had a major issue that needed immediate attention.

VMware virtual machines were experiencing performance issues: Higher-than-normal disk latency that was impacting overall performance and extending backup windows into production hours.

Disk latency was the primary performance problem; users were complaining about SQL, SharePoint and Exchange performance, with latency averaging 15ms and peaking in the 100's and VMDK backups were completing on Tuesdays at 10AM.

“PerfectDisk had the features we needed to implement a continuously scheduled defragmentation plan specifically for VMware.”

- Daran Clarke, Project Manager, Savills

The IT staff realized that the situation was likely to worsen unless the Windows guest systems were properly maintained.

VMware offers nothing to optimize virtual guest systems suffering from file and free space fragmentation. The Windows defragmentation tool did not meet Savills requirements for a robust disk management solution.

To read more, download case study: How to Improve Productivity by Reducing VMware IOPS 31%

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Download Case Study: How to Improve Productivity by Reducing VMware IOPS 31%