Windows remote management just got a whole lot easier...

Single-Console Remote Administration

Easily Manage All Your End Users Without Leaving Your Desk

PerfectAdmin™ is a set of advanced, all-in-one solutions that support the remote management of just about everything a system manager or helpdesk administrator needs to do their job:

  • Save time by remotely completing administrative tasks
  • Use a single console for tasks that typically require multiple applications and consoles
  • Improve productivity with faster, more efficient multi-tasking
  • Quickly troubleshoot remote user problems
  • Remotely reboot servers and PCs
  • Take control of unattended PCs
  • Start and stop Windows services remotely
  • Easy to set up and use, even in a virtual environment
  • Low cost per seat (licensed per admin - clients are free!)

...and much more!

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In-Session Secure ChatPerfectAdmin Remote Control

Used either as a stand-alone product or within PerfectAdmin Remote Support, the PerfectAdmin Remote Control console allows you to access and communicate with remote users over a secure, encrypted connection:

  • Securely connect to remote PCs
  • Perform remote installations
  • Access locked desktops
  • Chat securely in-session
  • Transfer files to and from the remote PC in-session

...and so much more.

Exclusive to PerfectAdmin Remote Support

So how is PerfectAdmin Remote Support different than other products on the market?

Perform Actions Across Multiple Computers Simultaneously

Exclusive Tools to Nodes ViewOur competitors only allow you to select a computer first, and then run a Tool on that computer; they do not allow you to select the Tool first and then apply that Tool on a single computer or multiple computers.

However, PerfectAdmin also provides an additional "Tools->Nodes" view. In the "Tools->Nodes" mode of working you first select the tool you wish to apply, then select one or more machines on which the tool will be applied. The advantage of this style of interaction is that data from multiple machines are displayed simultaneously for comparison in 'one' management window.

For example, for the BIOS display: Answers to questions like "Are there any of our workstations operating on out-of-date BIOS?" become obvious.

Only PerfectAdmin lets you perform a single action on multiple computers, rather than requiring multiple actions for multiple computers.

Exclusive Saved SessionsSaved Sessions

PerfectAdmin offers a unique feature called "Saved Sessions," whereby combinations of tools that have been opened and connected to specific machines can be saved in their running state and subsequently restarted at a single click of the mouse.

Saving and restoring sessions is a considerable advantage for any administrative tasks which you expect to perform more than once. For example, you might want to define work-sets for:

  • monitoring network printer and USB locally attached printer status;
  • checking local accounts and guest account status on a set of workstations in your network;
  • checking for hung processes, stopped services and CPU-load on a specific set of machines.

Saving sessions is a unique PerfectAdmin attribute. Our competitors don't allow you to save sessions; with their products, you must perform the actions over and over with each session.

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Download a free 30-day trial of PerfectAdmin and manage just about everything without leaving your desk!

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More Exclusive Features

Vertical and Horizontal Filtering

Only PerfectAdmin offers a filtered view so that you can view only the machine(s) that meet the criteria you have selected in the current (or saved) session.

This is a much more convenient option for managing settings, saving sessions, and exporting data than the typical column-sorted view competitors provide.

You might, for example, want to apply a filter to isolate those Windows services that are configured for auto-start but are currently in a stopped state. Only the rows that match the criteria are shown.

With PerfectAdmin, you can modify, create, save, export and share your own custom filters.

Remote Network Administration

Audit Browser

All management actions are recorded in an Audit Log giving details of:

  • who made the changes,
  • what changes were made on which machines,
  • and when those changes took place.

Before and after states of each transaction are recorded and made available for subsequent browsing and reporting.

Audited events can include:

  • stopping a share;
  • unlocking a user-account;
  • setting the system time;
  • printing a test page.

Competitors don't provide an audit database; PerfectAdmin is unique in writing all actions in the audit database, which is a private database for each user with a PerfectAdmin account.

Advanced Exporting Capability

All outputs in the application can be exported to a friendly form in various formats:

  • HTML
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Text
  • Email

Our competitors don't have the option to export to all of the formats PerfectAdmin can export to.

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