Keeping Thin-Provisioned Storage Thin

Extending Storage Lifespan by Reclaiming 90TB Space

Savills Case Study: Extending Storage Lifespan 7 Months by Reclaiming 40TB SpaceIn the spring of 2015, the Savills IT organization had an issue that needed immediate attention: Data consumption was expanding at a prodigious rate. Capacity planning and monitoring tools were forecasting 95% utilization of their fast-class disks by September 2015.

The hardware/software environment was backed by an enterprise-class HP 3PAR V400 SAN with 370TB of raw storage. HP 3PAR “Thin Persistence” is a frequently misunderstood feature of the storage platform: it doesn't automatically keeps thin-LUNs thin.

"PerfectStorage was the only fully automated option for reclaiming space given the large number of VMs that we have. We wanted reclamation to be an ongoing process since it is readily supported by our storage environment."

- Daran Clarke, Project Manager, Savills

Savills storage experts were able to demonstrate that there was significant reclaimable space inside the VMFS data stores and in the virtual guest systems and they wanted to get back as much as possible. The goal was to reclaim sufficient space back to the raw storage pool to extend the lifecycle of the existing array until April 2016 when it was scheduled for replacement by a newer model. A recent Savills acquisition was also going to demand more space than was currently available so the space reclamation was critical.

To read more, download case study: Extending Storage Lifespan by Reclaiming 90TB Space

Download Case Study

Download Case Study: Extending Storage Lifespan by Reclaiming 90TB Space
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