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Get Back to Work in an Instant: Zero Downtime, Zero Data Loss.

Protect Systems and User Data on Windows PCs and Servers

Are you prepared for Windows system failure?

InstantRecoveryInstantRecovery™ PC and Server Editions take bootable snapshots of full system images to instantly restore the entire working Windows environment after a system failure.

InstantRecovery solutions allow the instant recovery of PCs and servers, installed applications and data in selected files and folders (secured via unique patented Data Anchoring) - in the time it takes to reboot.

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how InstantRecovery quickly helped one customer restore his Windows system to a pristine and trusted state in a matter of minutes after a software uninstall resulted in file system corruption that left an unwanted file behind:

How to Recover from a Messy Software UninstallPete Stecker is a long time InstantRecovery user and he was recently testing some beta security software. When Pete was done testing the beta software, he uninstalled the product. The uninstall apparently produced some file system corruption and there was one folder he could not remove regardless of what he tried.

To make matters worse, Pete had not updated his system image in a year. Faced with the prospect of a long and painful system reinstall, plus the application of the service packs, hot fixes and updates, Pete had an idea.

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