Centralized Multi-Admin Remote Administration

Centrally Manage Network PCs and Servers

Easily Manage All Your End Users Without Ever Leaving Your Desk

PerfectAdmin™ Pro allows multiple user admins to centrally manage Windows servers and PCs in your network with an all-in-one single management console, similar to PerfectAdmin Remote Support but with the following added multi-admin features:

  • perfectadmin_screenshotCentrally manage multiple admins with varying levels of access
  • Remotely access and manage end users with PerfectAdmin Remote Control (Included)
  • Admins can access their saved user permissions and preferences on every client
  • See which changes were made on what computers by specific admins and when those changes were made
  • Licensed per admin - all clients are free!

Download a 30-day free trial and manage your network without ever leaving your desk!

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Download a free 30-day trial of PerfectAdmin and manage your network without leaving your desk!

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