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Extend The Life of Your SSD

Use Free Space Consolidation to Improve SSD Performance

SSD OptimizationOverall, solid state drives are faster, quieter, and they use less power than traditional hard drives because they replace electro-mechanical parts with flash memory. SSDs make memory-intensive workloads snappier than ever...that is, until free space becomes fragmented on the drive.

PerfectDisk®, the leading fragmentation prevention and hard drive optimization software, uses its special SSD Optimize setting for solid state drives that, instead of defragmenting files, consolidates fragmented free space:

  1. Detects solid state drive hardware (to perform the appropriate action for that type of drive)
  2. TRIMs free space from partially full blocks of data
  3. Identifies where the largest section of free space exists on the drive
  4. Consolidates free space in that location, whether at the beginning, middle or end of the disk
  5. Reduces writes to the drive, extending its life

The Difference Between SSD and HDD Optimization

SSD vs HDD OptimizationUnlike a traditional hard drive, any write operation to an SSD requires two steps: an erase followed by the actual write. SSD write performance degrades over time but traditional file-based defrag doesn't provide any performance benefit because there is no mechanical seek time on an SSD.

SSD Optimize consolidates free space on your SSD to improve wear-leveling and results in more effective TRIM operations.

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Customer Feedback

"The UI is much faster! Windows 8 is now complete with PD12.5....the OS is super smooth and fast"

- Kenneth M., Computer Technician, Mosta, Malta

"I have been using PerfectDisk for so long that I don't feel right when one of my systems doesn't have it. So when I bought a new laptop for work use, I had to make sure it had the right defrag tool. As a matter of fact, PerfectDisk is the first utility I installed on the new system."

-Matt S., Moffett Field, CA

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