Maximize Virtualization Performance & ROI

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Optimize VM I/O and Increase Hardware Productivity

PerfectDisk® solutions for vSphere® and Hyper-V™ optimize performance across entire virtualized systems: physical hosts, guest machines, and your storage solution.

  • 30-day free trial
  • Windows Event Log Integration
  • Thin-Provisioned Drive Auto-Detection
  • Optimize Windows Server guests (2016, 2012/2012R2 and 2008/2008R2, includes ReFS and CSVFS support)
  • Flexible and customizable scheduling
  • Eliminate host and guest I/O performance bottlenecks
  • Automatically prevent fragmentation with OptiWrite®
  • Intelligently defrag and optimize your file system with SMARTPlacement
  • Includes Virtual Awareness Technology for maximum uptime and snapshot detection
  • Centrally manage virtualized system optimization with the Free PerfectDisk Enterprise Console
  • Host-based licensing (unlimited guests per host)

PerfectDisk offers total automation and flexibility combined with robust central management to provide complete defragmentation of your vSphere or Hyper-V production environment.

Improve ROI on hardware investments, increase productivity and reduce backup times with PerfectDisk.

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Customer Success Stories

Automatic VMDK Optimization When System Uptime is Priority #1

nsc-case-studyRead how PerfectDisk helped restore productivity and maximize ROI on NSC's overloaded and unusable virtualized systems.

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Improve System I/O and 7 TB+ Data Backups

castle-rock-case-studySee how PerfectDisk cut 24 hours off the Town of Castle Rock's 72-hour backups and improved system I/O.

Download Case Study: 33% Savings in Backup Time of VMware Environment

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