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Extend Storage Lifespan: Automatically Reclaim Dead Space with Zero Downtime

Compatible with Various Storage Controllers: HP 3PAR, EMC XtremIO, Dell EqualLogic and More

Reclaim Wasted Storage Space

If you haven't already, it's time for you to look at @RaxcoSoftware, their Perfectstorage is a MUST if you want to utilize every bit of space - Itzik Reich, Principal SE, Field CTO, EMC Emerging Technology Unit (@itzikr)A Huge Time-Saver for Storage Managers

PerfectStorage™ automates the recovery of unused free space from physical and virtual thin-provisioned disks.

PerfectStorage is an intelligent storage management solution for thin-provisioned space reclamation that improves productivity, allows for better storage management and forecasting, and delays future storage purchases by extending existing storage lifespan.

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Raxco developed PerfectStorage with research and input from some of the world's largest companies and leading storage vendors such as HP, Dell and Hitachi.

"On the first initial run, PerfectStorage reclaimed 3.1TB, with zero downtime, zero impact and it was all automated. It even ran at some points during production hours with zero impact due to StealthPatrol."

- Clinton Prentice, Senior Systems Engineer, UnitingCare NSW.ACT

80% of Storage Managers Say PerfectStorage is a Huge Time-Saver

About 60% of the beta testers told us that the biggest benefit of PerfectStorage is saving time over traditional, manual methods for reclaiming thin-provisioned disk space. Another 20% listed saving time as the second biggest benefit. The other biggest benefits conveyed by the testers were:

  • Identifies Reclaimable SpaceBetter overall storage management
  • Better reporting
  • The ability to delay hardware purchases

Over 80% described it as very easy to use or easy to use. Over 75% say that PerfectStorage should be part of every storage manager’s set of tools. Over 90% said they are very likely or likely to recommend purchasing PerfectStorage.

No More Guesswork in Storage Management and Forecasting

PerfectStorage takes the guesswork out of storage monitoring and management, easily identifying and reporting where and how much space can be reclaimed. PerfectStorage provides a pre-analysis of reclaimable space exactly where it resides on all of your drives -- physical and virtual.

Better Management and ForecastingThe automation PerfectStorage provides helps keep your thin-provisioned drives thin with a massive reduction in management overhead, delaying future storage purchases, and delivering the best possible return on investment for your existing storage hardware. The cost savings are that much more significant for those factoring in minimum storage buys.

“If you are concerned about stretching your budget to support growth without compromise including using data footprint reduction (DFR) techniques such as archiving, backup modernize, compression, dedupe and thin provisioning, why wouldn’t you go the next step finding and then reclaiming your orphaned or stranded storage, both thick and thin provisioned?"

– Greg Schulz, Founder and Sr. Advisory Consultant the Server and StorageIO Group

Smart Zero Fill™ and SCSI UNMAP Intelligently Reclaim Space

Post-Reclaim ReportingPerfectStorage allows you to use exclusive Smart Zero Fillor SCSI UNMAP to reclaim space. PerfectStorage only reclaims clusters not already reclaimed, minimizing storage activity and resource usage.

If your storage solution supports Zero Detect/Zero Fill, Smart Zero Fill only zero-fills clusters that haven't already been zeroed. If your storage supports SCSI UNMAP to reclaim space, PerfectStorage will only unmap those clusters that haven't already been unmapped.

Once the reclaim operation is complete, PerfectStorage reports the amount of space reclaimed, with a post-analysis of recovered space.

StealthPatrol™ Automation

Automation and Flexible SchedulingAutomate space reclamation while you system is idle and set exclusions for days, times or while specific applications are running. PerfectStorage uses minimal resources and unlike SDelete, PerfectStorage does not require that you shut down other applications or minimize system activity in order for it to run, so it can be used in production environments!

Flexible Scheduling

PerfectStorage runs according to your needs. Set PerfectStorage to run at regularly scheduled intervals - daily, weekly or one time - using the Schedule Wizard, let it run in the background while your system is idle, or perform a manual reclaim operation.

Centralized Management Console

Centrally deploy, configure and manage space reclamation with the PerfectStorage Enterprise Console on your physical and virtual servers. The PerfectStorage Enterprise Console quickly and easily identifies systems that can benefit from space reclamation.

Download a 30-day free trial and see how easily you can reclaim space on thin-provisioned disks!

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Download a 30-day free trial and see how easily you can reclaim space on thin-provisioned disks!

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Host Reclaim

PerfectStorage ESXi Host Reclaim (PS/EHR) works in conjunction with PerfectStorage to ensure that your valuable disk space can be reclaimed in VMware thin-provisioned environments.

PS/EHR reclaims thin provisioned LUN space by sending SCSI UNMAP reclaim commands to a VMware ESXi hosted datastore. The reclaim operation signals the underlying storage controller for the datastore that free space no longer used in the datastore can be reclaimed at the LUN.

Host Reclaim is optimized for HP 3PAR, XtremIO and Pure Storage storage controllers so that datastore reclaims are performed according to the best practices/recommendations of these vendors.

The Problem with Reclaiming Space on Thin-Provisioned Disks

SDelete AlternativeSDelete and Command Line Utilities

Existing zero-fill and SCSI UNMAP tools are manual, and therefore prone to human error. Command line tools like SDelete are time consuming and resource-intensive, requiring applications to be shut down and system activities to be minimized before you can run them.

Manual space reclamation tools offer no centralized management capability and little to no reporting. With manual tools, it's a guessing game as to where and how much recoverable free space there is across all your physical and virtual drives - and you end up buying more hardware sooner than you actually need it because of ineffective thin-provisioned storage management.

The Intelligent, Automated Solution

PerfectStorage Data SheetPerfectStorage automates and simplifies space reclamation on thin-provisioned disks - both physical and virtual. PerfectStorage easily detects where and how much reclaimable space there is at any given time, then automates the zeroing of only the clusters that haven't already been zeroed, reducing wasteful resource usage and saving valuable time.

Using Smart Zero Fill™ or SCSI UNMAP, automate the zeroing and unmapping of reclaimable free space from thin-provisioned disks.

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